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  • When are the dates for the football matches confirmed ?

    In accordance with the Ligue 1 and the French Football Federation, along with TV Broadcasting rights, the final date and time of football matches are only confirmed approximately 15 days before the match. Make sure to check the kick off time on the official Ligue 1 website

  • Which days can a Ligue 1 match be played on ?

    French League matches are played on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for mid-week matchdays, and on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for week-end matchdays.

  • Which days can a Champion League match be played on ?

    Champions league matches can be played on either Tuesday or Wednesdays but once the match date announced NO changes are made.

  • How do I know if my online order has been processed correctly?

    Once your payment has been cleared, you will receive an e-mail at the address given out during the purchase process. This process can take from a few minutes up to a few hours. Your order confirmation e-mail includes all the details of your purchase and desired delivery. In case you find any mistake in this step or need to make a change for any reason, please contact us at Note: If you do not receive an order confirmation e-mail, please check your spam inbox; if it is not there, please write us at

  • Can I cancel my tickets ?

    The tickets can only be cancelled if you previously bought the “Cancellation protection". In the case that you are unable to attend to the event and wish to have your money back, we will refund you (minus the cost of the “Cancellation protection" guarantee service). The “Cancellation protection" Guarantee is valid up until the 72h previous to the event. Remember you cannot receive a refund unless you previously bought the Guarantee. If you must cancel your tickets without having bought the Money-back guarantee, please contact us at and we will try to help you out. Your case will be analyzed and TRAVEL CONNECTION SPAIN S.L. will consider whether a cancellation is possible. Cancellation costs are always with a minimum 20% of the total amount paid.

  • I am travelling with children. Do they get a discount ?

    All children entering the Parc de Princes stadium need to have their own ticket, to comply Paris St. Germain regulations.

  • The face value of my tickets doesn't match with the price I paid online. Why?

    For certain events, prices can rise or fall subject to availability, however, generally there is 20% convenience fee levied on all bookings. The Advance sale for these events incurs a surcharge over the face value ticket cost, they include booking fees, transaction fees and taxes (TVA of 20%). Purchasing face value tickets for good seats in advance is almost impossible, and the risk of them being sold out is high because club members hold the majority of these seats. We invest in the pre-booking of your FC Barcelona tickets to assure you an easy and safe reservation.. Final prices, therefore, may not match face value or box office prices.

  • Is TVA included in the price?

    Yes, the TVA is included at 20%.

  • Am I guaranteed to get tickets seated together?

    We guarantee to offer tickets together in pairs at least. When buying more than two tickets for the same game, we will try to get seats together.

  • We are a group. Do we get a discount?

    Yes! If you are a group of at least 9 people, please write us at we will send you all the applicable discounts.

  • Where can I collect my tickets?

    All tickets are e-tickets and therefore will be emailed to your email address approximately 1 week prior to match.

  • Which section (local or visitor) are the tickets for?

    All tickets for football matches at Paris St. Germain are sold for the local section of the stadium. If exceptionally this were not the case, you would be informed by a notification on the website, which will tell you exactly where the seats are located.

  • What happens if an event is cancelled?

    Your tickets are valid for your chosen event, even if the time and date for it is changed by the event organizers. Date or time changes are no grounds for another cancellation. However, if the event is completely cancelled, due to strike action, fire, death or illness, terrorist action, climate and geographical changes we offer to refund the ticket price at face value, to exchange the ticket for a valid ticket at the confirmed date or to exchange the ticket for a ticket for a different match. If you choose the last option, you may have to pay a surcharge or you may receive a partial refund, depending on the price of the ticket.

  • Can I be denied access to the event?

    If your tickets are nominative, TRAVEL CONNECTION SPAIN S.L. cannot be held responsible if you are denied access to the stadium due to failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the venue, such bad and aggressive behavior, under the influence of alcohol, etc. It is your responsibility to fulfill the terms and conditions for the venue and to learn about them when you order your ticket. Bear in mind that VIP Lounges have a smart casual dress code and do not allow clients wear such as football scarves or t-shirts.

  • Is there an emergency telephone number ?

    If you have a last-minute problem or query, you can call our hotline at +33 632301162. If you cannot contact us using this number, you can also send us an email to, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.